Otomasyon Sistemleri

VersaCell System

One tube, one point-of-entry, one operator, one report.

You and your lab are expected to accomplish more and a VersaCell System provides the simple solution. This unique sample management technology works differently from other systems to increase your workflow efficiency for chemistry and/or immunoassay testing.

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StreamLAB Automation Solutions

How can I streamline my workflow and accomplish more with less?

StreamLAB® Automation Solutions let you streamline your workflow by automating manual steps with highly flexible, compact configurations for efficient space utilization and minimal lab disruption during implementation.

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ADVIA Automation Solutions

How can I transform my lab to deliver peak performance?

Using ADVIA Automation Solutions, you can maximize lab productivity through expanded capacity and enhanced automated lab management. This multi-discipline system offers high capacity and increased throughput, and fully integrates with specimen processing management, centrifugation, and decapping.

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